Financial Advisor Andbank España

Access a wide range of financial solutions:

Investment funds

Our open architecture for investment allows you to hire the best in the funds of the world, which you can enhance with excellent Andbank Wealth Management funds

Pension plans

Invest long-term with the pension plans that best suit your needs and preferences. The best pension funds of Spanish managers at your disposal.

Variable and fixed income

You can build a portfolio of equities and bonds by buying from financial markets around the world. The assets of the main stock markets at your fingertips.

Portfolio management

Delegate your portfolio of financial assets to Andbank managers to optimize the financial-fiscal profitability of your investments. Our experts will find the best solution for you.

Alternative investment

We are one step ahead in wealth management: we analyze and offer real estate projects, renewable energy, startups, private equity with the greatest potential.


Working with one of the most solvent banks in the world allows us to offer you consumer financing solutions for financial investments and real estate financing.